Three and a half Roses


  • Option Comparison Heat map

    Another interesting diagram or table in this case is the Option Comparison Heat Map. One swift glance is all it takes for its readers to see where the weaknesses and the strength of every option lies.  As well as the reason for this weakness or strength.  And that’s where it differs from a Spider chart. … Continue reading

  • Interactive Azure vs AWS capablity & service map

    Last week we explained the advantages of Capability Maps, by demonstrating how such a capability map could help organize Azure’s capabilities in such a way that it becomes easier to find your way. In this installment, we look at an improved capability map that allows you to switch between an Azure and an AWS view… Continue reading

  • LTE in Europe

    Ever wondered what frequencies are supported in different European countries? I did. I found the information on the Wireless Telecommunications blog (I only counted implemented frequencies and not planned ones). I added the information on Belgium to the ten countries covered in the blog post. Maybe I’ll add more lines to the spread sheet later… Continue reading

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