Customer Journey Diagrams

Customer Journey diagrams have been around for a while now. They are another great tool to help you think about the interactions between you and your customers.  You can use them to analyze or convey the positive and negative interactions (a.k.a. paint-points) your customers have with your company or brand.

Here’s an example of what a bad “bank account opening” experience might look like, and note how it is immediately apparent from the diagram:

A useful addition to these diagrams is listing the applications that support the various steps, as shown in the following example:

bad experience - Customer Journey

bad experience – Customer Journey – With apps

This supplementary information helps you gauge the impact on your application landscape when you try to improve your customer’s journey.

Here’s an example of an improved customer journey:

Now, admittedly, the examples above are straightforward.  A journey typically stretches over more extended periods and involves several channels (both virtual and physical). 

Yet, limited as they are, they do give us a good idea of their power to uncover pain-points.

If you want to play with them a little, go over to “” and fiddle with the YAML in the text box below the diagram.  It should be self-explanatory.  Have fun!