Internet of Things presentation

November 14th I gave a presentation on the Internet of Things to students in their final year at the Karel De Grote Applied University of Antwerp.

The preparation was an interesting journey for me. It (re-)confirmed that there is traction, that this is the right moment to find some business model and go for it. There are still a couple of hurdles (i.e. privacy & security)

Most noteworthy:

  • there’s a whole eco-system of services that allow you to easily collect data or combine existing services that is sprouting (i.e.
  • crowd-funding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are funding ideas out of the garageboxes; without needing to give up a slice of your company you can get from a garage level product to a professional production.
  • we’re still not sufficiently in control of our data.

Here’s the full presentation on slideshare: