Three and a half Roses


  • 3 Successful hybrid banking apps

    With facebook, LinkedIn going off the Hybrid route a year or two ago and now with Asana also leaving the path of hybrid one might think hybrid apps have no place in Appland. However, some banks seem to have made some successful hybrid apps as we’ll shortly see. What makes them successful? Probably the following… Continue reading

  • Great book on web site performance

    Just when we thought we don’t need to worry too much about web site performance anymore, because PCs seem to have unlimited performance and are connected to broadband networks, come along mobile devices that are very capable yet resource restrained and connected to unreliable comparatively slow networks. Steve Souders‘ book Even Faster Web Sites: Performance… Continue reading

  • Mobile Testing Strategy

    Introduction Talk about a difficult area of mobile development. Testing mobile applications and Web Sites. First we need to decide which platforms we wish to test: What is the lowest iOS device we’re testing on? 3GS, 4, 4S? (Worse) What are the Android devices and versions we’re testing on? Hmmm, Windows Phone market share in… Continue reading

About Me

As an experienced enterprise architect with a deep-rooted passion for cloud, AI, and architectural design, I’ve guided numerous companies through the management of their existing application landscapes and facilitated their transition to a future state.