Capability Wheel: a nice variation on the iceberg diagram

The Capability wheel is another representation of the Iceberg Diagram.  It represents all the capabilities that matter above sea-level and below sea-level in a circular fashion as depicted in the diagram below:

capability wheel 1

It is a visual appealing way and shows in a blink of the eye how much is hidden under the surface.  In the following picture, less capabilities are hidden an this is immediately apparent…

capability wheel 2

On our beta diagram demo site you can play with it.  Just modify the YAML in the text box below the diagram and it should dynamically update.  Be forgiving, please, as the scripts are beta and haven’t been hardened, so often time they will crash (just reload the page then).  Here’s how you can play around with it:

  1. Select the “Iceberg Capability Wheel” menu item
  2. change values in the YAML in the text box
  3. watch the changes happen as you type them…


Credits are due to Koen Betsens from Cloudoki, who taught me this representation.