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Interesting Azure Service Decision Trees

We’ve documented the advantages of using Decision Trees in the past.  Here’re two interesting examples:

  1. choosing a candidate compute service.
  2. choosing a load balancer

Both guide you to the service that best matches your needs, through a series of questions.

Choosing a candidate compute service

Azure like other cloud providers has a number of Compute options (Virtual Machines, Serverless, and so on).   Each option has it advantages and inconveniences.  Some, for instance, require more management, others require you to give up some control over the infrastructure…

Depending on your answers on whether or not you need to migrate or whether you need a High-Performance Computing (HPC) solution or not, and so on, the diagram guides you to the right solution.

Find the original decision tree here.

Decision tree for Azure compute services

Choosing a load balancer

How many options can one have when it comes to load balancing?  As it turns out quite a few 🙂 But fear not, the following Azure Decision Tree guides you to the right load balancing option for your needs…

Find the original decision tree here.

Decision tree for load balancing in Azure

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