Verifiable Claims: an implementation

As promised in the previous parts (part 1, part 2) we explain how you can set-up a verifiable claims solution.

There are several solutions to implement verifiable claims. An arguably natural solution is the use of distributed ledger technology. Digital Bazaar offers one such solution, another that we’ve tried is Sovrin. Both work fine.

Sovrin’s underlying technology is Hyperledger, an open source project enabling the creation of all sorts of Distributed Ledger technologies.

If you’re interested in getting to know how Sovrin works, we recommend you read this overview.

You can create your own Sovrin cluster running on Virtual Box for test and development purposes.

Once you have everything up and running you can then go on and start experimenting with different use cases.

We’ve installed it and found it easy to execute the different use cases in isolation on your own little environment. However, once you want to start create your own verifiable claims you need to start publishing stuff to the test ledger and that requires that you are a Steward and then it all becomes “a bit” more work.
But it most certainly is interesting technology!