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Twitter elections predictions: the election results…

The results are in since Sunday last weekend and here are the results for the flemish part of Belgium in short:

  • NV-A have won a lot.  From almost any side you look at it they improved their positions considerably with respect to last elections.
  • CD&V
  • GROEN have won a lot.  They are clearly on the rise.
  • SP-A have lost a little.  They did loose one key-city, but on the whole they seem to obtained about the same results as during the previous elections.
  • The big losers of these elections are VB, Open-VLD, LDD.

So the numbers were -as expected- skewed, yet not that much either.  Given the naive approach we took the numbers do show us who will win and who will loose.  The problem is now to prove that there is a real correlation, and that is probably not possible 🙂

We had our fun, we learned a lot and that’s what counts…

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