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Twitter Elections predictions, final installment

Below you’ll find the final graphs I’ll plot.

Top 9 for attention:

  1. PS
  2. SP.A
  3. NV-A
  4. MR
  5. GROEN
  7. ECOLO
  8. CDH
  9. CD&V

Other parties got less than 2.5%

Top 9 sentiment:

  1. SP.A
  2. GROEN
  3. PS
  4. ECOLO
  5. MR
  6. NV-A
  8. MG
  9. CDH

According to these number you’d expect twitter users to not vote for CD&V at all.  If we could extrapolate this to the entire country this would mean decimation of one of the more important parties of the country.  Of course the demographic of the twitter users is not representative for the entire country, on the other hand you’d expect a better score even on twitter for a center party.  If not a better sentiment score, then at least more attention.  so if I must make one prediction for the elections of October 14th it would be that CD&V will have a rough weekend.  Another trend could be that LDD and VB will loose a lot.



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