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Selecting the right cross platform mobile development framework for your project

Many cross-platform development frameworks exist in “native”, html or hybrid forms. It is very time consuming to track all these technologies, let alone implement a non-trivial application in each one of them.

This is, however, exactly what the people at Property cross have done! They implemented a non-trivial application using several known cross-platform development frameworks so you and I can get an idea on:

  1. the look you can achieve with the framework
  2. the performance of the frameworks
  3. the complexity of the code
  4. the amount of code sharing you can achieve

Mind you, according to their own words: “The code-sharing which can be realistically achieved with each framework varies considerably. To aid in this comparison there is a build script which produces code metrics for guidance. Although, as developers I am sure you are aware that lines-of-code metrics are flawed.

Still, it is a huge time saver if you need to evaluate which mobile development framework to use for your project.

Thanks, Property cross!

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