Easily create a cloud batch job using AWS and Boxfuse

Easily create a cloud batch job using AWS and Boxfuse

I was looking for a way as simple as AWS Lambda to run a batch job on AWS. These were my requirements: fully automated compilation, deployment and scheduling Not with Docker, it’s too much hassle for what I want to…

Top 10 most valuable brands

Interesting to see¬†how the top ten is changing Facebook and Amazon entered the top ten full force IBM is probably on it’s way out Google tops Apple 8 out of 10 companies are technology companies  

Bitcoin exchange Bitstamp gets license in Luxemburg.

After a long period on the rumour mill, something significant finally happened yesterday: Bitstamp, a bitcoin exchange start-up got its license to operate as a fully regulated payment institution (PI) in Luxemburg. This is significant for three reasons: This will…

Microservices and SOA

I’ve always had the impression that the microservices movement was trying nothing more than to apply SOA with common sense. Meaning, applying SOA without going overboard with tooling, for instance. And without the militaristic top-down approach. Etc. Martin Fowler put…
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