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  • LTE in Europe

    Ever wondered what frequencies are supported in different European countries? I did. I found the information on the Wireless Telecommunications blog (I only counted implemented frequencies and not planned ones). I added the information on Belgium to the ten countries covered in the blog post. Maybe I’ll add more lines to the spread sheet later […] Continue reading

  • The TOGAF crop circles on

    As a first test-drive of I created the TOGAF crop circles. Nothing fancy, just the crop circles. I use it to discuss the state of some architecture efforts I’m currently involved with. Here’s the link, hope it can be usefull to others as well. [prezi id=”uled6l1xoxfj”] Continue reading

  • Twitter elections predictions: the election results…

    The results are in since Sunday last weekend and here are the results for the flemish part of Belgium in short: NV-A have won a lot.  From almost any side you look at it they improved their positions considerably with respect to last elections. CD&V GROEN have won a lot.  They are clearly on the […] Continue reading

  • Twitter Elections predictions, final installment

    Below you’ll find the final graphs I’ll plot. Top 9 for attention: PS SP.A NV-A MR GROEN OPENVLD ECOLO CDH CD&V Other parties got less than 2.5% Top 9 sentiment: SP.A GROEN PS ECOLO MR NV-A OPENVLD MG CDH According to these number you’d expect twitter users to not vote for CD&V at all.  If […] Continue reading

  • Mobile OS landscape has shifted dramatically

    While Apple is prepping the delivery of the first iPhones in the states, we’ve been seeing a real shift in the dominant Operating Systems in Europe the last 12 months.  And of course this has an impact on the mobile browser scene as well. Have a look at the graphs below. This needs to be […] Continue reading

  • Twitter elections prediction: the graphs

    Here the positives and the negatives visually for each tracked party. Continue reading

  • Twitter elections prediction: the data

    So here’s the data so far, from 2012-08-27 till 2012-09-12. Note that we had to correct the numbers for GROEN (green), because #groen is a hashtag that is also used for ecological topics in general.  Other than that we didn’t change the figures. An interesting thing to note is that of all the parties CDH, GROEN, MG, […] Continue reading

  • Twitter Elections experiment implementation

    Challenges encountered Some challenges encountered while setting up the processing of the tweets: Dutch sentiment analyzers are not easy to come by, so we needed to translate the tweets prior to sentiment analysis. Limiting tweets to Belgium funnily isn’t as easy as first expected.  We defined a location and a range, but this often includes […] Continue reading

  • Predicting elections with twitter: setting the stage

    Introduction I’ll now set the stage so that I can start working on the project.  As said some times before already, I’ll keep things simple. So, I apologize up-front if I cut some corners and don’t do everything the scientific way. A vote A positive tweet is considered a ‘vote’.  A negative is considered a […] Continue reading

  • Predict elections with Twitter: preliminary thoughts

    Introduction In this post I’ll be setting the stage for the next steps of the project. Data OK, let’s have a look at the main things we can get from Twitter: Tweets (content) user information her “opinion” (vote?) who gets re-tweeted a lot (influence?) Conversations To harvest this, we’ll -at least- need to: “Read” the […] Continue reading

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Many years I’ve been designing Mobile apps and back-ends.  Now I’m looking into the next shift: Big Data and Cloud and AI.  Combined with Mobile this is bound to give interesting architectural challenges.